Maintenance and Servicing

Give yourself confidence that your heat pump system can be looked after in years to come and book your annual service with a WDS Service Engineer for complete peace of mind.

The Energy Saving trust recommends that heat pump systems are serviced on an annual basis to ensure they perform properly and cost effectively for the whole of the lifespan of the equipment as proper operation of your heat pump will save energy. Proper maintenance is key to efficient operation and the difference between the energy consumption of a well-maintained heat pump and a severely neglected one ranges from 10% to 25%.


WDS Green Energy Service Agreement

An annual service agreement with WDS Green Energy will help to maintain your equipment in the best condition and give you peace of mind.

The service will ensure that your system operates at optimum efficiency, while reducing the risk of any unforeseen breakdowns. Should there be any call out or repair requirements you will benefit from our prior knowledge of the system, set-up and settings and many of the initial checks will have already been done.

If you’re interested in a WDS Green Energy Service Package please contact us to request the service agreement, terms and conditions and a booking form.

We will conduct an inspection of your system to verify its suitability for the service. We will confirm whether the equipment passes the inspection. If you agree to proceed with the service package, we will send you the service contract and all its details.

If your equipment fails the inspection, we will quote you for the remedial works required to meet the standard (or define the outstanding issues). If you choose to proceed with the repair, then the comprehensive cover will be made available. However, if you don’t follow the guidance then we cannot provide you with comprehensive cover.

All service offers are subject to payment in advance by cleared cheque or by debit/credit card. 

What your WDS Green Energy Annual Service will cover:

An annual visit from a WDS Green Energy engineer who will check the following components of your heat pump system:

All these checks help to ensure that you are getting optimum performance from you system, lengthening the lifespan of the working parts and also ensure that your running costs are kept as low as possible.

In the unlikely event where we find that there are parts which need replacing our engineer will discuss this with you and our head office will inform you of any costs for replacement of this part. Most parts will be available to you at a 20% discount. This discount is only available to our annual service clients.

Interested in a WDS Green Energy Service plan?

Please contact us to request the service agreement, terms and conditions and a booking form.

Request a Service Plan

Call out response

It is important that your heat pump is maintained to maximise comfort and efficiency, as well as minimising the risk of any failure. If you do experience issues with your heating or hot water, you can request a service visit from one of our trained engineers – even if you don’t have an agreed maintenance package. The engineer will diagnose the fault and produce a quote for any remedial actions or spare parts required.