Solar Hot Water – Using Solar Thermal Energy

Solar thermal energy panels are an effective source of providing hot water for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

During the spring, summer and autumn the angle of the sun is at its highest for the UK and for many countries in the northern hemisphere and is ideal to absorb solar thermal radiation through solar thermal energy panels.

WDS Green Energy provide a range of solar thermal panels and our vacuum tubes and flat plate panels are some of the most advanced in the UK and on the market that maximise the usage of solar thermal radiation at all times.

Currently solar panels have been installed in well over 100,000 sites in Europe and the UK.  Solar panels can also provide some limited heating and come in a modular design with a range of sizes for both domestic and commercial applications.

Domestic or commercial applications

Solar thermal panels can provide domestic hot water in isolation or be integrated into other renewable and existing energy systems, such as ground source heat pumps that will ultimately reduce carbon emissions.

Both flat plate and vacuum tube panels can be installed and fitted on virtually any roof. New slate roofs can incorporate flat solar panels whilst others can accommodate vacuum tube panels.

Vacuum Tube

Flat Plate Panels

Flat Plate Panels

Vacuum Tubes

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