Solar Thermal Design

Solar thermal energy panels are an effective source of providing hot water for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.
During the spring, summer and autumn the angle of the sun is at its highest for the UK and for many countries in the northern hemisphere and is ideal to absorb solar thermal radiation through solar thermal energy panels.

System simulation:

We use specific software to simulate your solar thermal system for domestic hot water (DHW), space heating and swimming pools. We are able to get a visual representation of the system as well as the solar thermal system output whic is based on the number of panels, location, and orientation of roof. We are then able to produce a project report with clear presentation of data and system overview.

Equipment selection:

We select and suitably size the equipment required for an integrated solar thermal system. This includes:


  1. Collector – Roof or façade mounted or free standing the collector converts light energy from the sun into heat energy which is transferred to the heat transfer fluid which circulates through the system.
  2. Heat transfer system – The pump station circulates the heat transfer fluid through the solar collector and on to the heat exchanger coil in the water storage cylinder. The pump is automatically managed by a solar controller.
  3. Storage cylinder – The heat from the transfer fluid is transferred through the coil and to the stored water.

Financial benifits:

We provide a breakdown of your estimated financial benefits and estimated cumulative income/expenditure profile over the 7 year lifetime of the RHI (renewable heat incentive). This takes into account likely rises in both inflation and energy price inflation.