Solar Thermal System Benefits

In the context of ever-rising energy costs, climate change and changing legislation, the need for a heating and hot water technology that is future-proof, cost effective and able to use an ulimited sustainable source of energy is essential.

Harnessing free energy from the sun

Every year the sun provides over 8000 times as much energy as we consume worldwide and in the UK alone we receive between 900 and 1200kWh of energy per square metre of land per year. On average, every home spends 20-25% of its combine’s energy bills on water heating. In the UK a well-designed solar water heating system can provide almost all the hot water for a home during the summer months and on average around 50-60% year round. This is why solar thermal is one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly renewable energy solutions available.

Low carbon hot water solution

Whenever fossil fuels such as coal, oil or gas are burnt, carbon dioxide is released. This is the principle contributor to the green-house effect which is leading to long term climate change. However as solar thermal hot water heating can provide as much as 60% of a buildings annual hot water demand from renewable energy, building carbon emissions cam be significantly reduced.

Sustainable energy costs

Using renewable solar energy means that running costs compared with traditional fossil fuelled water heating systems can be reduced. More importantly, using free energy from the environment future-proofs the system against fossil fuels as they become ever more scarce.

Get paid for what you produce

RHI for domestic buildings will apply from April 2014. Renewable heat installations commissioned since 15 July 2009 are due to receive a cashback subsidy of around 19.2 pence per kilowatt hour used for solar thermal systems– for the first seven years of the equipment used.