Air Source Heat Pump Installation in Kibworth, Leicestershire

Kibworth is a small village on the outskirts of Leicester. This historic village is made up of the parishes of Kibworth Beuachamp and Kibworth Harcourt which date back to the domesday book when there were only 72 residents. Nowadays the population is much larger, being within commuting distance of Leicester city centre but the area still retains its rural identity and is quiet and peaceful.

The Problem:

WDS Green Energy were approached by Dr Alyson Lockyer whose property consisted of a large house and an old adjoining coach house. The old coach house was in need of a full refurbishment and Dr Lockyer wished to take this opportunity to explore renewable solutions and fully upgrade and replace the heating system in the coach house.

The Solution:

WDS Green Energy suggested a Dimplex LA 11 MS air source heat pump coupled with underfloor heating downstairs and making use of the existing radiators upstairs. As the property was being fully renovated and was therefore well insulated a small heat pump was all that was required to fully meet the heating and hot water requirements of the property.

The Benefits:

Impressed with the performance of the air source heat pump installed in the coach house building by WDS Green Energy Dr Lockyer subsequently asked WDS Green Energy to replace the heating system in the main house with another heat pump system. This time a bigger Dimplex LA 28 AS air source heat pump was required to meet the heating and hot water demands of the property down to -3°C. Thereafter gas support is available under bivalent operation.

To further exploit the use of renewable technologies a 2.88kW Solar Photovoltaic array was also installed upon the roof of the games room which joins the two properties; the electricity generated goes towards offsetting the running costs of both of the heat pump systems.

After a visit from her mother, who was impressed by how warm Dr Lockyers property was WDS Green Energy were again commissioned to install a renewable heating system in the bed and breakfast property in the beautiful Yorkshire dales owned by Dr Lockyers mother. WDS Green Energy installed a Dimplex LA 17 TU air source heat pump in the guest house which provides all the heating and hot water needs.