Company History

Solar Hot Water Panelsair pump

WDS Green Energy Ltd is a national renewable technology company formed in 2010. With experience working at independent specialists and providers of low carbon systems across Wales since 2003, WDS Green Energy was formed to offer our services to a wider audience. Our office is based in Cardiff.

By pooling our considerable knowledge base we have expanded our operation and taken on more employees. Our strong background in mechanical and civil engineering and our extensive experience in providing green solutions to homes and businesses has shaped WDS Green Energy as a leading force in renewable technology. We have developed special relationships with manufacturers and other professionals in the field which has allowed us to remain at the cutting edge in a fast changing landscape.

Sustainable solutions to energy problems are dependent on effective design which is the cornerstone of any successful installation. WDS Green Energy is ever mindful of this and concentrates significant resources into research and development. Our partnership with Cardiff University in their Seren project dedicated to understanding the impact on the environment of extracting energy is an important example. The retrieval of data from the field in a controlled programme contributes to our overall understanding of applied renewable technology. It is frustrating to come across installations that work, but because of shortcomings in design do not work as well as they could do.

The hundreds of successfully completed projects are testament to the acquired skills of the workforce and together with the ability to design complex integrated systems WDS Green Energy is well placed to meet the challenges of the future.