Every installation is only as good as its design and the real virtue of a good design is its proper integration into a building. WDS have a proven record in designing and delivering complex sustainable energy solutions from small domestic installations to large commercial projects.

In house Design Service

WDS Green Energy heat pump designersAll elements of function, viability and cost effectiveness are well understood and a far cry from the bolt on answers of the past. Our in house team are available to provide a comprehensive design and installation service to all our customers confident that quality control is assured at every stage.

A comprehensive understanding of heat sources in the environment allows our design team to tailor every heat pump installation to its individual requirements. Ground, air and water are reservoirs of freely available energy which can be readily tapped by the careful application of the right technology. It requires experience and expertise to develop a system that can use this bounty to maximum benefit. WDS prides itself in providing not only highly efficient but elegant solutions.

Our Installation team

To complement well designed systems utilising high quality products our installation teams are trained to the highest level and have a wealth of experience in all renewable technologies. They produce a very high standard of installation and offer excellent customer care throughout.