Getting On Board With Green Energy

We have all heard the term going green, but what is the real meaning of that? Many of us think that going green means recycling materials, which is part of the equation. One important factor we should start considering is using green energy. Many think that green energy is something that is not able to produce sufficient energy to power our homes. For the time being that is the truth, but it is a viable source of power to replace a number of household products consuming energy right now. To reduce your energy consumption, start thinking about using green solar PV panels in your homes.

Scientists have already predicted that our current energy supply will not be able to last forever. With that in mind every single year that we continue using our current source of energy means, in the future our kids will be facing an energy crisis. It is the same as leaving a mess behind for your kids to clean up, and that is not something that any parent will want to do. Another issue is that our power that comes from oil and other current energy sources are not clean. The power source we are currently using is leaving behind toxic waste, which will be a very big problem to handle in the future.

When we start to compare using solar PV in Cardiff compared to oil or coal, we can clearly see that even though the energy we are getting is a little less, there is no residue waste in case something bad happens. We are not faced with oceans that will be destroyed when an oil rig fails, or a nuclear disaster, which will contaminate a large area for decades. This should be in the back of everyone’s mind when they are considering the state of the planet, which they are leaving behind for future generations.

We really should not be wasting anytime changing our power source to greener more efficient energy. The biggest problem that we need to overcome is the urgency of finding a suitable power source that is green. We all take for granted that running out of power is something that will not happen in our lifetimes, therefore we all take a backseat to the problem and drag our feet when it comes to a solution.

If everyone took an active role and switched to greener energy source, which is safer, big oil companies will be forced to take an active role to speed up the research based on solar. Every change starts with everyday people, and that is the power that we all hold in our hands. If we really want a change we need to start with our homes. If the amount of people is sufficient to force big companies to take notice, real change in greener more efficient power will come about.

WDS Green Energy offers a range of renewable energy products and services; including solar panels, solar PV and air source and ground source heat pumps. They operate in various areas in England and Wales including Cardiff, Swansea and Gloucester.