Ground Source Heat Pump Installation in Kettering, Northamptonshire

The medieval village of Glendon, in Kettering is classed as a lost village, having ceased to be occupied many years ago however this quiet area is slowly being repopulated with several new build properties being constructed in the area.
One particular property built within the grounds that once held Glendon Parish Hall, the owners were looking for a renewable solution.

The Problem:

This self-built new property was designed with renewable solutions in mind. The Owner wished to explore the many options of renewable technologies but did not wish to impact upon the visual impact of his new home. He had a very firm idea of exactly what he wanted and worked very closely with WDS Green Energy engineers throughout the design process, in fact he even went so far as to alter this plans and create a field space near to the property to house the horizontal ground loop collector system after deciding he did not wish to have borehole collectors installed

The Solution:

WDS Green Energy were very careful not to damage the perfectly manicured lawns at this large property when they installed horizontal ground loop collectors coupled with a Dimplex SI 30 TE ground source heat pump.
Space was designated within the property for the creation of a ‘plant room’ and it was built to house the heat pump unit and the hot water cylinders. This specifically designed plant room means there is plenty of room for engineers to work should maintenance be required and the location of the plant room within the building means there is no need for a separate outhouse to be built to house the heating system components.
The heat pump itself is coupled with under floor heating throughout the property and provides for all the heating requirements of the large property as well as providing hot water for the property.

The Benefits:

This heat pump installation not only means the owners of this large property benefit from bills up to 60% lower than if they had chosen to install an oil or LPG boiler for their heating needs, but the system will also be eligible to the Government backed incentive scheme the Renewable Heat incentive (RHI) when it gets underway in early 2014.
The owner also had the satisfaction of knowing his carbon emissions are reduced and he is managing his home in a more sustainable, environmentally friendly way.