Renewable Energy Systems

Solar PV (photovoltaic) Panels Governments around the world are beginning to recognise the importance of embracing renewable energy with climate change becoming a problem we can no longer ignore. Various countries are adopting schemes such as the renewable heat incentive to encourage people to invest in renewable energy systems including heat pumps and solar panels. Subsidies have often been used in the past to support a growing industry and once again this is taking place with the renewable energy field.


Invest in Renewable Solutions: Solar Panels and Heat Pumps

WDS Green Energy offer a wide range of renewable energy systems to help meet your energy needs in this drive for sustainability. For instance, we are able to provide households with air source heat pumps, which extract readily available heat from the air in order to heat or cool homes according to your needs.

We also offer ground source heat pumps, which use the geothermal heat in the ground to warm water that is ideal for heating or activities that require hot water. Heat pumps are an excellent way of using the heat in our surroundings to our advantage through sustainable means.

Solar panels are also renewable energy systems that can be utilised to meet our energy needs. There are two main types offered by WDS Green Energy; thermal and photovoltaic. Solar thermal panels absorb the sun’s energy and uses it to heat water, that can be used for the same activities as heat pumps. Whereas, solar photovoltaic panels are able to use the sun’s energy to generate electricity.