Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation in Cardiff

The owners of this domestic property in a suburb of Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, were considering investing in green technologies to ‘futureproof’ their home.
Investing in Green Technologies helps to future proof your home as you generate your own heat and/or electricity thus minimising the effect of price rises.

The Problem:

The promised returns from the FiT (feed in tariff) scheme are very generous and the owners realised that investing in solar photovoltaic technology was ‘ a better investment than leaving the money in the bank’
Initially believing that the roof of the house was too small a space for a sizable photovoltaic system the owners of this domestic property contacted WDS Green Energy looking for a solar photovoltaic installation for the garage roofs.

The Solution:

After a site survey and based upon the dimensions taken from drawings of the property WDS Green Energy offered the owners a 3.6kW solar photovoltaic system split over two roofs, that of the main house and the south west facing aspect of the right extension. A single inverter capable of tracking two generation curves was used as this mean that while one array is in shadow it will not affect the output of the second array as they are tracked separately.
This was preferable to an installation upon the roofs of the garage as there were concerns that the garage roofs were accessible from street level and a larger system could be fitted upon the main roof of the property.

The Benefits:

The owners of this solar photovoltaic (PV) array wished to have further reassurance that their system was functioning normally and so desktop monitoring equipment was installed by WDS Green Energy. This monitoring equipment allows the owners to see the performance of their equipment and so far they are very happy with the performance of the PV array which has produced 6621kWh since commissioning.
As well as generating electricity for the family the solar photovoltaic array is eligible for the Feed in Tariff scheme which pays per unit of electricity generated.
The owners of this domestic property stated “We are very impressed with the way it [the installation] was carried out and also the way a faulty solar panel was dealt with. WDS investigated and replaced the faulty panel with no quibble”