Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation in Swansea

The owners of this domestic property in Swansea were quick to realise that the returns from investing in a solar photovoltaic system were better than a high interest bank account or an ISA but due to the limited space available upon their roof thought an installation was not possible.

The Problem:

The area of the roof that was ideal for solar PV, south facing with no shading, posed a unique challenge as space was so limited; however after a detailed site survey the Owners of this domestic property were delighted that WDS Green Energy could offer them a renewable solution.

The Solution:

WDS Green Energy installed a 2.4kW solar PV system making good use of the awkward area of the roof by installing the panels in a landscape orientation, as opposed to the traditional portrait orientation, and staggering the array into a pyramid shape following the shape of the available roof. This optimisation of the available space meant WDS Green Energy could install 10 No panels on a roof area which the Owners had believed was too small for solar panels.

The Benefits:

Solar PV panels will not only reduce the electricity bills on this domestic property but will also provide an income under the Government supported Clean Energy Cash-Back scheme, known as the Feed-in-Tariff (FiTs)

The owners of this property will receive 43.3p for every kWh of electricity generated which amounts to an annual income of around £1,100. Over the lifetime of the FiTs this amounts to around £27,000 of tax free income and savings.

The inverter (shown right) allows the owners to view how much each ‘string’ of the PV array is generating and the small meter, positioned next to the inverter shows how much electricity has been generated by the system from the moment it was connected up and began to generate electricity, and income, for the owners of this domestic property.