Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation in Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan

The owners of this domestic property in Cowbridge, a small market town in the Vale of Glamorgan, had been considering ‘green’ solutions for a while as a way to reduce the rising costs of maintaining their home.

The Problem:

Spurred into action by rising prices for gas and electricity the owners of this Domestic property were looking for a way to reduce their bills and to ‘future proof’ their home against further price rises.
WDS Green Energy were able to provide a renewable solution that not only reduced their bills but provides an inflation linked income for a 20 year period

The Solution:

WDS Green energy discussed several options with the owners of this property before Solar Photovoltaic panels were chosen.
The South facing roof was idea for a solar array and the new range of black panels are less conspicuous against the roof than the traditional blue/black panels.
WDS Green Energy installed 16No 240w S-Energy panels for a total of 3.84kW of solar array.
The installation was completed in a few days and Mrs Jones states “We are delighted with the service received from WDS Green Energy. They were helpful, friendly and efficient. A great company to deal with. We’d happily use them again, due to their integrity and honesty”

The Benefits:

The array of panels upon the roof entitles the owners receive the feed-in-tariff, a Government incentive scheme to encourage us to use renewable alternative energy sources.
The incentive currently pays 15.44p per kilowatt hour of electricity generated – the generation tariff- regardless of whether that energy is the used on site or exported back to the grid. Any electricity not used by the owners on site is exported back to the grid and the owners receive a further payment for this – the export tariff.
It is assumed that 50% of the generated electricity is exported back to the grid leaving the remaining 50% to be utilised by the property to run the home and domestic appliances within making for large savings on bought-in electricity.
This greatly reduces the bills and together with the generated income makes solar photovoltaic panels an attractive investment.