Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation in Gower, Swansea

Pennard Parish Hall with its warm and friendly atmosphere provides the perfect setting for events such as art classes, Keep fit, dog training, bridge club and the WI, making the hall a busy hub of activity in both the daytime and evenings.

The Problem:

Although the main hall is heated by gas, elsewhere electricity is used for both heating and lighting the building, and with electricity prices rising Pennard Parish Hall’s committee realised that they would need to find a way of tackling this major expense.

Charged with the task of finding a solution, Pennard parish hall’s treasurer, Irving Thompson contacted the Gower branch of WDS Green Energy. “We decided that installing PV panels on the roof would be a good source of income for us especially as electricity rates are always going up,” Irving Thompson explains “plus we have pride in using green energy.”

The Solution:

WDS Green Energy installed a 4kW system for the south-facing roof of the building, taking maximum advantage of the sun’s rays. The system took less than a day to install on the roof ensuring there was little disruption to the busy hall’s activities.

WDS Green Energy then guided Irving through the paperwork needed to obtain the Government-backed Feed-In Tariff currently available for ‘not-for-profit’ organisations such as Pennard Parish Hall as well as commercial and domestic installations.

The Benefits:

We asked Irving if putting a photovoltaic system on the roof had been beneficial for Pennard Parish Hall, ”Well, we’ve just had a cheque for £450 for the first half of the year,” Irving tells us, “which has paid for all the electricity we’ve used up till now, yes, we’re very happy with it”.

High use of the hall for classes and events during daylight hours means that Pennard Parish Hall makes good use of the electricity they produce during day, thus maximising the potential of the photovoltaic system and their investment in green energy.