Solar PV Design

From the dimensions of your roof we are able to design a suitable Solar PV system. Our process not only aims to provide you with a visual representation of the solar PV panel layout on your roof but we also provide detailed calculations of the solar PV system output and financial savings of installing such a system.

Roof size and panel selection:

From the roof dimensions provided we are able to accurately select a PV panel system that aims to maximise output whilst taking into account any physical constraints such as chimneys and veluxes. We design and install both ‘on’ and ‘in’ roof panel systems.



If roof space is an issue, we also design and install free standing PV solar panel systems. The framework for the PV panels are designed so they are fixed to foundation posts which we would pile drive into the ground. This avoids you having to lay a concrete base to fix to and is much less intrusive.

System output and shading considerations:

During the design process we utilise expert software to accurately quantify the output of a PV panel system throughout the year. Our design process also takes into account shading factors and their knock on effect on your systems performance. We also use 3D modelling tools to provide you with a visual representation of the effects of shading as well as giving you a more well-rounded view of your PV system.

Financial benifits:

We provide a breakdown of your estimated financial benefits and estimated cumulative income/expenditure profile over the 20 year lifetime of the FIT (Feed in tariff). This takes into account likely rises in both inflation and energy price inflation.