Heat Pumps Go On Trial

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WDS Green Energy is not surprised by the results of the recently conducted field trials of heat pump systems throughout the UK. The trial was launched in July 2008 to monitor the performance of 83 heat pumps installed in UK homes for a period of at least 12 months.

The field trial included a wide range of sites, including:

Having installed over 200 heat pumps throughout the UK, WDS Green Energy were not surprised to learn that the most important factors that determined performance levels of a heat pump were

At WDS Green Energy we have always stressed the importance of design. It is the starting point for any of our installations and one that is crucial in providing our customers with a cost effective, practical solution to their heating requirements.

Unlike conventional heating systems i.e. boilers, the way in which a heat pump system is designed can impact significantly upon both performance and running costs. If a heat pump is under or oversized the economic implications can be high. We, in the industry have heard and come across many horror stories where a system has been undersized and has not been able to meet the heating load of a building. This extra load has often been met with electrical immersion back up which has obviously proved very costly to the customer and defeats the whole objection of installing a heat pump system.

We, at WDS Green Energy have always taken every necessary step to ensure that each system that we install meets the individual requirements of the client. From the design stage all the way through to the handover and explanation of user manuals and controls we hope that we can help to improve the reputation of the heat pump as we feel is rightly deserved.

To read the full Energy Savings trust report into heat pumps please click the following link:

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