Renewable Heat Incentive Gets The Go Ahead

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In the recent spending review the Chancellor of the Exchequer confirmed the Government’s introduction of the much anticipated Renewable Heat Incentive.

Key points

How will it work?

  1. You install renewable heat systems in your property such as solar thermal panels or heat pumps
  2. An estimate is made about how much heat your renewable energy systems will produce
  3. You get paid a fixed amount based on that estimate

This scheme will be open to everyone. You may still have other costs (e.g. electricity to power a heat pump) but the RHI has been structured so that these will either be far less than or roughly the same as the payments you receive.

99% of all the heat you currently generate comes from oil, gas fuel or electricity power stations. This means that a woeful 1% comes from renewable sources. Through the Renewable Heat Incentive, the aim is to get 12% of the UK’s generate from renewable sources by 2020 which is quite a big step forward!

You will not have to worry about rising oil and gas prices and you will be sure that you are making a difference to the environment.

For more information on the renewable heat incentive visit the following website

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