Renewable Heat Premium Payment Increased

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Details of the Renewable Heat Premium Payments extension have been announced. The scheme has been extended to run until 31st March 2014 to encourage uptake.

Key points

Details of the Renewable Heat Premium Payments increases have been announced and are as follows;

The scheme began 1st Aug 2011 and will run until 31st March 2014.

There is a limited amount of payments therefore we urge any potential clients to sign-up for the scheme as soon as possible so they will not be dissapointed. Successful applicants may be asked to install additional metering equipment at no cost to themselves and complete a usage questionnaire.

Applicants will be required to undertake a Green Deal Assessment on their property, the cost of which is more than compensated by the rise in the grant.

WDS Green Energy can help you through the application process and arrange all necessary assessments.

Additional information on how to sign-up for the scheme can be found here from the Energy Savings Trust.

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