It pays to go green with a heat pump

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Great news! The Renewable Heat Incentive, the government scheme that pays you for using renewable heat sources in your home or place of work, is set to continue beyond 2021.

What does this mean for you?

Well, it means the financial incentive for going green and installing renewable heating systems in your home (like Ground Source or Air Source Heat Pumps) is set to continue for many years to come. When you install an eligible renewable heating system with an MCS accredited installer (like WDS Green Energy) the RHI scheme give you quarterly payments for 7 years. These payments will generally cover the cost of the installation,  and then continue to deliver tax-free money to you pocket as well as big savings on your heating bill. WDS Green Energy will guide you through every stage of applying for the RHI.

The tariff rates for heat pumps from 1 January 2016 are:

Ground source heat pump Air source heat pump
Domestic 19.10p/kWh 7.42p/kWh
Non-domestic 8.84p/kWh 2.54p/kWh

Use this RHI calculator to find out what the RHI payments could be worth to you.

As well as the great financial benefits of the RHI payments, switching to a renewable heat source like a ground or air source heat pump could also save you hundreds of pounds a year on your heating bills, compared to an oil or LPG system. Heat pumps are a highly efficient way of heating your home, taking the latent heat energy of the ground or air to produce thermal energy ideal for heating or hot water.

All this, and you’ll be drastically reducing your carbon footprint. A well-designed domestic Ground Source Heat Pump system will produce 32% less CO² than a mains gas boiler, 40% less than an LPG boiler and 49% less than oil.

Further Information

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