Solar Photovoltaic (PV) installation in Whitchurch, Cardiff

George Thomas Hospice Care is a palliative care charity based in Cardiff providing free, home-based care. Their team of specialist doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, day care activities, counsellors and welfare rights and social workers provide focussed, supportive and effective help to the community.

The problem

The George Thomas Hospice Care building in Cardiff is cooled by air conditioning units which require a consistent base electricity supply. As its energy usage is generally during daylight hours, a solar PV system was the solution way to offset electricity usage by producing its very own supply.

The solution

The large, south-west facing roof space on the hospice allowed for a 12kW solar PV system to be installed. WDS designed, supplied and installed the system which consisted of 48 250W Ulica panels connected to two 6kW inverters inside the building. Using hooked fixings on the slate-tiled roof meant ensured the weather tightness of the roof was maintained.

The benefits

By producing nearly all of their electricity demand themselves, George Thomas Hospice Care were able to vastly reduce their electricity bills. The system also qualified for the Government’s Feed-in Tariff, which pays a premium rate to the consumer for all energy generated as well as a lower rate for 50% assumed to be exported to the National Grid. The Feed-in Tariff is paid across 20 years during which time the cost of the system is covered before generating a tax-free income for the Hospice.