Dimplex A Class Air Source Heat Pump

Dimplex Summer of Love Promotion:

Dimplex recently released the new A-class air source heat pump unit. This heat pump has been specifically designed for the UK market.

To celebrate the release of the A-Class Dimplex are offering £500 cashback with any purchase of a new A-Class heat pump and A-Class cylinder this summer.

For more information on this promotion, or to register your interest visit: Dimplex Summer of Love Promotion

A-Class Features:

The A-Class heat pump has been specifically designed for the UK market and is even built here in the UK.

Outstanding performance

It has outstanding performance and efficiency at typical UK winter temperatures (-2C to 10C) and is outperforming the UK leading heat pumps and the efficiency assumptions in the industry best practice Heat Emitter guide

Simple but sophisticated controls

The A-Class controller has been designed specifically with user friendliness in mind, and runs the complete home heating system, the heat pump, and room and water temperatures.

Easily integrates with existing heat emitters

The A-class cylinder has been designed to integrate seamlessly with Dimplex solar thermal panels and ‘smart rad’ radiators, but can also cope well with a mix of other technology types such as underfloor heating and/or retrofitted to a radiator system.

Eligible for RHI payments

Not only can you benefit from an air source heat pump installation that can rival the efficiencies of a ground source heat pump installation and cut your heating bills by some 50% when compared to oil or LPG heating systems but the A-Class is MCS accredited meaning you can apply for the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) and generate an inflation linked income from your heating system for seven years.

WDS Green Energy, Dimplex Expert Partners

As a Dimplex Expert Partner WDS Green Energy were selected to take part in the field trial of the brand new A-Class heat pump. WDS Green Energy installed the new A-Class at two of the nine sites in the trials, and indeed we installed the first installation of an A-Class heat pump system in England and the first installation of an A-Class heat pump system in Wales.