Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation in Monmouthshire

St Maughan is a small idyllic rural village in Monmouthshire. The Owners of this new build property were looking for an energy solution for their new build home in this quiet little village. After a recommendation from a friend the owners chose to get in contact with WDS Green Energy who were able to offer them a solution that suited them.

  • The Problem:

    Keen to meet and exceed the current building regulations for sustainable buildings The Owners of this new build property wished to install various ‘green’ technologies but they didn’t want said technologies to take up too much precious space within their new home.

    The Solution:

    The roof of this new build property was situated facing south west with no shading and is the ideal space to maximise the annual yield of solar photovoltaic panels.
    WDS Green Energy installed a 2.88kW solar PV system consisting of 12 no 240w panels and 2 solar thermal flat plate panels which will provide approximately 60% of the properties annual hot water use. Because the roof was being constructed at the time of the installation the panels, both solar PV and solar thermal, are built into the fabric of the roof and so look more natural and in keeping this the property.
    The hot water cylinder connected to the solar thermal system is neatly tucked in a cupboard under the stairs and the PV inverter and metering equipment are mounted upon the wall minimising the space these technologies take up.

    The Benefits:

    Contrary to popular belief solar panels, both Solar PV and Solar thermal are suited to the UK’s climate because they absorb light and UV energy even on cloudy day, direct sunshine is not essential.
    Solar PV panels will not only reduce the electricity bills on this domestic property but will also provide an income under the Government supported Clean Energy Cash-Back scheme, known as the Feed-in-Tariff (FiTs)
    The solar thermal system installed at this domestic property will not only provide hot water for the property but will provide payments under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme when it begins later in the year.