Solar Thermal Installation in Brecon, Powys

The owner of this barn conversion overlooking stunning views of the Brecon Beacons wished to create an eco-house, ensuring that his building is as sustainable as possible.

In 2007 WDS installed a 16kW Dimplex ground source heat pump system using ground loops buried 1.5 metres into the soil. This catered for all the heating needs for the property.
The owner had previously fitted solar photovoltaic roof slates which blended in well with the original roof materials.

The owner also installed a small wind turbine to produce electricity for his home.

The Problem:

The owner of the property wished to take advantage of the south-facing roof to help provide hot water for the house, and to add to his growing array of green energy systems.

He was keen to cut down his energy bills as much as possible and to create as close to a zero carbon heating and lighting system as he possibly could.

The Solution:

WDS installed a solar thermal system comprising of four panels each containing six ‘vacuum’ (evacuated) tubes.

The panels were located on the roof of an adjacent building and connected back to the main house plant room using pre-insulated stainless steel pipes.

The system forms a closed-loop, pressurised system which connects into a coil located at the bottom of an existing 750 litre cylinder.

The Benefits:

The solar thermal system services a cylinder capable of providing hot water for the entire home and helps supplement the work done by the ground source heat pump.

The cost of heating and providing hot water for this beautiful barn conversion has come right down and the owner now has ample ‘free’ hot water for his needs.