A-Class Air Source Heat Pump Installation in Clearwell, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

Clearwell is a small village in the Forest of Dean area of Gloucestershire. Historically it was an important ochre mine -now known as Clearwell Caves- and there are both Roman and Medieval workings in the area. Set in the Forest of Dean, Clearwell is a popular holiday destination for walkers. The owners of this property in the town of Clearwell loved their quiet country home but were getting fed up of ‘being at the mercy’ of their expensive and noisy oil boiler heating system.

The Problem:

The owners of this property were fed up of the constantly rising costs of heating their home and began to look at alternatives, especially if a change meant they no longer needed frequent deliveries of fuel by large tankers down the narrow lane in which the property is situated.

The Solution:

Initially offered a heat pump from the Dimplex MI range, The owner of this property was happy to go ahead with the installation when WDS Green Energy were made an offer they couldn’t refuse.
As WDS Green Energy were a preferred installer for heat pump manufacturer Dimplex, Dimplex were offering WDS Green Energy two (of only nine!) of their Brand new A-Class heat pumps on a trial basis. The new A-Class heat pump has been specifically designed for the UK market and it is hoped will ‘take the market by storm’ when released for full scale installations the following year.

The Benefits:

The A class has been specifically designed for the UK market and varied climate and as such has a much greater range of operating temperatures and is capable of delivering hot water of 65°C in outside temperatures as low as -20°C. This high efficiency, high performance, high output machine can even rival Dimplex top of the range ground source heat pumps maintaining its output even on the coldest days the UK climate can throw at it.

The unit itself has been redesigned with user friendly-ness in mind and so is easily compatible with existing heating systems i.e. traditional radiators, and it features a brand new controller that should make changing heating requirements a ‘piece of cake’.

The new A-Class heat pump has MCS accreditation so the owners of this property will not only benefit from this state of the art installation but will be eligible for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments when the scheme begins early next year.