A-Class Air Source Heat Pump Installation in Llantrisant, Usk

Mr Shukman had previously installed Solar Photovoltaic panels upon his roof with WDS Green Energy. The 3.9kW array is functioning very well, has reduced Mr Shukman’s bills and produces an income under the FiTs scheme.
Due to the success of this project Mr Shukman was ready to take then next ‘green’ step and contacted WDS Green Energy regarding the installation of a heat pump for the heating requirements of his large farmhouse.

The Problem:

After doing a full detailed design based upon Mr Shukmans property and taking into account all the heat losses of the building, the design standard told WDS Green Energy the ideal heat pump for Mr Shukmans property was a Dimplex LA 16 MS air source heat pump, however these machines were in the process of being fazed out in preference for the MI range which are more efficient, more streamlined machines. After some discussion with the manufacturer, Dimplex, WDS Green Energy and Mr Shukman were made an offer too good to refuse, the opportunity to partake in the field tests of the Brand new- not yet unveiled to the public- state of the art A class air source heat pump. A machine specifically designed by Dimplex to revolutionise the air source heat pump industry!

The Solution:

As a preferred installer WDS Green Energy were invited by Dimplex, to install one of their state of the art new A-Class heat pumps as part of the initial field trial run, in fact WDS Green Energy got the opportunity to install two of only nine in the UK!
Mr Shukmans property was ideal for this new heat pump and so an agreement was made. WDS Green Energy installed the highly efficient, high performing, high output brand new A-Class A16M air source heat pump for Mr Shukman, The first installation of this type in the UK!

The Benefits:

The A class has been specifically designed for the UK market and has a much greater range of operating temperatures and is capable of delivering hot water of 65°C in outside temperatures as low as -20°C. The unit itself has been redesigned with user friendly-ness in mind and so features a brand new controller that should make changing heating requirements a ‘piece of cake’.

In addition to the owner of this property and WDS Green Energy being part of this exciting project with a brand new state of the art heat pump, Dimplex have guaranteed that they will fully instrument the system allowing for remote monitoring with data transmitted to their branch HQ for analysis. The new A-Class heat pump has MCS accreditation so the owners of this property will not only benefit from this state of the art installation with efficiencies rivaling that of a ground loop system but at a fraction of the cost, but the installation will also be eligible for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments when the scheme begins early next year.