Air Source Heat Pump Installation in Llantwit Major, Vale of Glamorgan

The owners of this beautifully renovated working farm set in a secluded area of the Vale of Glamorgan have turned one of their outbuildings into a flat with office space below. The building has been restored with careful attention to detail and adds to the gentle old-world charm of the property.

The Problem:

The owners wished to build an extension to incorporate a home cinema area, gym and swimming pool using architecture sympathetic to the current buildings. With no mains gas available on site for heating, the forward-thinking owners decided to find a more sustainable heating system than a fossil fuel boiler to help cut costs.

The Solution:

The owners approached WDS Green Energy at a green fair in Brecon to find a heating solution for their project. “I wanted the system to be as sustainable as possible so we talked over various options” said David Harris, owner of the farm, “An air source heat pump suited me best as I didn’t really want to dig up the garden.”
A 16kW air source heat pump was chosen for the project “I understand that the system works very well with an under-floor heating system, and as we were laying a new floor we were able to install one which has proved to be very efficient”.
At a later date the heat pump was linked up to heat the existing flat and office space, and fan convectors were installed as heat emitters.
The Dimplex 16kW air source heat pump has two heating circuits so a mix of fan convectors for the old building and under-floor heating for the gym and pool surround would not pose a problem when a retro-fit and new build needed to be catered for on the same site.

The Benefits:

“We wanted an efficient form of heating that would save as much money as possible and was a sustainable form of heating, and overall it has proved to be a very efficient system”.
Both the new and old buildings are kept to a comfortable 21C by the air source heat pump and are costing a fraction to run compared with a similar oil or LPG heating system.
“I took out a maintenance agreement with WDS Green Energy which is worthwhile as it gives us a bit of confidence should there be a problem.” said David.
With regard to his future plans David said “The swimming pool is currently heated with an electrical heating system but I would quite like to link the heat pump in so it would heat up the pool as well”