Ground Source Heat Pump and Air Source Heat Pump Installation in Neath, Port Talbot

The owner of these 4 star holiday cottages in the picturesque Dulais Valley in South Wales is a keen enthusiast of green energy and since 2006 when the cottages were built they have been heated using ground source heat pumps.
In order to benefit from the Government Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Commercial tariff new efficient heat pumps have recently been installed.

The Problem:

The original heat pumps installed to provide heating and hot water for the holiday cottages were from three different manufacturers and although they were still operating, obtaining spare parts proved very difficult and performance was deteriorating. None of the original heat pumps held MCS accreditation therefore they were ineligible for the RHI-Commercial funding.
WDS Green Energy proposed a replacement/ upgrade for the holiday cottages and indeed the swimming pool which had an independent air source heat pump that was also not operating efficiently.

The Solution:

WDS Green Energy installed 3No Dimplex SI 9 ME ground source heat pumps for the three cottages to replace the older units. The basic ground loop framework was upgraded at the same time to improve its hydraulic characteristic and ensure it would work with the new heat pumps.
WDS Green Energy installed a Dimplex LA 16 MS air source heat pump to heat the swimming pool as it was decided to also upgrade the swimming pool system at the same time to minimise disruption to the owners business and, even though currently air source heat pumps are not part of the commercial RHI scheme, there are plans to include them in the near future.

The Benefits:

The owners of the holiday cottages are now eligible for an income under the RHI scheme for the heat generated by cottages heat pump systems.
Further monies will be available when air source heat pumps are adopted under the scheme and as there is due to be a domestic equivalent the owner is also considering the installation of a system to heat his own home.