Ground Source Heat Pumps Benefits

Ground source heat pumps are one of the most effective forms of renewable energy systems on the market. Typically for every 1kWh of electrical energy used to operate a ground source heat pump you will receive 3 to 4kWh thermal output to use to heat your property and domestic hot water, making them 300-400% efficient.

Generate clean energy

A major advantage of ground source heat pumps is the reduced pollution. Depending on the size and the efficiency of a pump, the average UK household could see their carbon emissions slashed by 800 to 5410 kilograms.

Low maintenance, High reliability

Ground source heat pumps  are highly reliable with low maintenance costs and long life expectancy (20-25 years for the pump). There is no local combustion or storage of fuel, and the pump unit only occupies a small space. It is quiet and requires no ventilation or flue because it produces no local pollution. Improvements in coolant and refrigerant technology have also reduced the wider impact of these components.

Get paid for what you generate

Ground source heat pumps help you save money instantly. Heat pumps are considerably cheaper to run than direct electric heating. They are cheaper to run than oil and LPG boiler. In addition to that the government renewable heat incentive will pay you for what you produce.

The domestic tariff is guaranteed for 7 years and will rise in line with the retail price index (RPI). The scheme is due to start in early 2014 and all ‘legacy’ installations will be eligible. The commercial tariff is guaranteed for 20 years and began in November of 2011.