Ground Source Heat Pumps – Frequently Asked Questions

What are Heat pumps?

Heat Pumps are a low-carbon alternative to a traditional gas or oil boiler, which can help you to reduce your space heating and water heating costs

What is a Ground Source heat pump?

A ground source heat pump uses the constant latent geothermal heat in ground water to produce thermal energy ideal for heating and hot water. Ground source heat pumps use electricity and so for every 1kW of electricity used to operate the heat pumps, 3kW to 4kW of heat energy is produced and available for heating purposes.

Does a Ground source source heat pump system work all year round?

The system performs down to air temperatures of -10°c which means that they are more than suitable for installations within the UK. Hot water and Heating can be provided 365 days a year. In properties with larger heat demand, boilers or multi fuel burners can be successfully integrated. Our technical staff will provide an installation schematic

Can I reduce my carbon footprint?

Yes the system we install could help you significantly reduce your CO2 emissions compared to conventional oil or LPG boilers.

Does a heat pump unit require a lot of maintenance?

No, because it comes as a factory-sealed unit, like a fridge. The life span of a typical heat pump system is 20-25 years. We do offer our clients a maintenance contract to ensure that the system is in good working order and you are getting optimum performance from your heat pump.

Can a heat pump provide all my heat and hot water?

Yes. A correctly designed system would deliver all the water and heat your home requires.

What is the ‘Coefficient of performance’ (CoP) of a heat pump?

The CoP of heat pump is a measure of how efficient the heat pump system is. For example a CoP of 4 means that for every unit of electricity provided to the heat pump 4 units of heat are provided.

How can the efficiency of a heat pump be more than 100%?

To calculate the system efficiency we divide the amount of heat output by the amount of electricity that the system runs on and multiply the result by 100. So if the system generates 4kwh of heat and uses 1kWh of electricity the system efficiency is 400% (COP of 4). The reason the efficiency is greater than 100% is because we do not include the heat from outside in the equation, we consider this as completely free, which it is.

Can a ground source heat pump be installed in existing buildings?

Yes, but your building must be well insulated for you to gain most benefit. The cost of a system is directly related to the heat losses, which will generally be higher in older buildings. Money spent on upgrading insulation levels can save a considerable amount on the capital cost of a ground source heat pump system.

Can I use a heat pump system with my current radiator system?

Yes you can use heat pumps with your existing radiators, but you need to take into consideration the type of heat pump being used.

What are the safety implications of ground source heat pumps?

There are no hazardous gas emissions, no flammable oil, LPG or gas pipes, no flue or chimney and no unsightly fuel tanks. GSHP systems have absolutely NO site emissions. There is, therefore, no need for safety checks.

What are the Noise implications of a heat pump?

Heat pump units supplied typically have the same sound levels as a domestic refrigerator.

How do running costs compare with conventional alternatives?

A ground source heat pump system can offer very high efficiency and low running costs. Oil-fired boilers cost considerably more to run. Even modern condensing gas boilers are more expensive to run at current gas prices, with gas prices also set to rise. All fossil fuel boilers need regular servicing to maintain efficiency and check safety.

Our Service

Can I request a quote for a renewable system for my property?

For any queries regarding renewable energy, domestic or commercial, replacing an existing inefficient fossil fuel system or as part of a new build project, our in house team are available to provide a comprehensive design and quote for a suitable renewable energy system for your property.

Are WDS Green Energy installers MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) registered?

All of our products, systems and technologies are approved under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme, which provides assurances on the quality and reliability of renewable energy technology.

Will WDS Green Energy support me through the application process for the RHPP (Renewable heat premium payment) and RHI (Renewable heat incentive)?

Yes. We help guide clients through the application process, complete all the relevant technical information and provide all the required proofs for the application process.

Would my heat pump require a service?

Yes, an annual health check of your heat pump system will ensure that you are getting optimum performance from your heat pump. This will help lengthen the life-span of working parts and also ensure that your running costs are kept as low as possible. As part of our follow up service we offer our clients a maintenance contract.

We will provide you with an annual service visit with travel time included. We will arrange a mutually convenient day and time to visit your property and our engineer will undertake the service checks listed below.

In the unlikely situation where we find that there are parts which need replacing our engineer will discuss this with you and our head office will inform you of any costs for replacing the part. Most parts will be available to you at 20% discount. This discount is only available for our annual service clients.