Ground Source Heat Pump and Solar Thermal Installation in Gower, Swansea

Tir-Cethin Farm is a five star holiday destination offering luxury self-catering accommodation situated in The Gower, one of the UK’s first designated areas of outstanding beauty. The owners of Tir-Cethin Farm wanted to create an environment where visitors could enjoy holidaying in their stunningly designed spacious oak-framed barns with all the conveniences of modern living but in a sustainable fashion.

The Problem:

Tir-Cethin Farm house was equipped with an oil boiler to provide heating and hot water for their own use, so they were painfully aware of the cost of heating using fossil fuels such as oil or LPG. This form of heating did not fit with the natural feel they wanted to create for their two holiday homes so they set about finding a greener way of heating the barns so as to make their visitors’ stays as environmentally sustainable as possible.

The Solution:

WDS Green Energy equipped each of these stunning self-catering holiday homes with an 11kW Dimplex ground source heat pump. The systems used ground loops buried in trenches on the adjoining land coupled to an under-floor heating and hot water system providing holidaymakers with a cozy-warm home to explore the surrounding countryside from.

WDS Green Energy also fitted three solar thermal panels to the roof of one of the barns to provide pre-heated water to cut the costs for the heating and hot water system.

The Benefits:

The solar thermal panels provide an effective source of hot water and are particularly beneficial for holiday homes and leisure facilities where there is a high hot water demand during the summer months.

Following the success of installing the heat pumps for the newly converted barn accommodation, the owners decided to replace the oil boiler in their farmhouse. So WDS installed an 11kW Dimplex air source heat pump to provide for all their heating and hot water.