Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation in Canton, Cardiff

This owner of this end terrace home in the district of Canton in Cardiff was looking into alternatives to ever increasing electricity prices. Having already changed suppliers to the cheapest tariff the owner decided to look into generation of her own electricity to further save on her electricity bills.

The Problem:

Whilst the owner of the property was keen to ‘cover her roof in panels’ the available roof space, facing south or south westerly for optimum performance at this Canton property was actually quite small, and the placement of a skylight in the centre of the roof space made traditional placement of panels is several rows difficult however WDS Green Energy were able to offer a solution.

The Solution:

By turning the Solar Photovoltaic panels to a landscape orientation rather than the standard portrait orientation WDS Green Energy were able to install 10No panels or 2.4kW of solar photovoltaic panels upon the south westerly facing roof. The roof has no overhead cables or trees or other properties that could create a shading effect upon the panels therefore thus the yields from the PV array are maintained even on cloudy days.

The Benefits:

The owner of this property is delighted with the installation as now not only does she save money on her electricity bill by generating her own electricity for use on-site but she also benefits from the generous Government Feed-in-tariff incentive which pays for each kilowatt-hour of electricity generated but also pays a tariff for any surplus electricity sent back to the national grid.