Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation in Sennybridge, Powys

The owner of this domestic property in Sennybridge, a small town near Brecon in Powys, had been considering ‘green’ solutions for a while as a way to reduce the rising costs of maintaining his home.

The Problem:

Having recently refurbished the roof space and re-tiled the whole roof in Welsh slate, the owner of this domestic property wished to benefit from having a PV system but did not wish to cover the new slate tiles.
Benefiting from having plenty of land around the property on which to site it WDS Green Energy suggested a ground mounted solar photovoltaic system which would provide the benefits of generating your own electricity but would not impact upon the newly refurbished roof.

The Solution:

After a detailed site survey WDS Green Energy proposed a 3.84kW ground mounted solar photovoltaic system upon the hillside behind the owners property.
A custom designed frame was erected upon a newly flattened area of the hillside upon which to mount the solar photovoltaic panels.

The Benefits:

The free standing nature of ground mounted systems WDS Green Energy were able to orientate the panels so they face due south- which would not have been possible upon the roof of the property- thus maximising the potential output of the solar photovoltaic array.
Solar photovoltaic panels not only help to ‘futureproof’ this home by protecting the owner against price rises but they are also eligible for the generous Government incentive called the feed in tariff scheme which will pay the owners of the panels for every unit of electricity they produce regardless of whether it is used on site or exported back to the National grid.